> pacman -Ss gdb
> community/gdb-dashboard
me: gee whiz i hope this is a nice GUI
gdb-dashboard: 😜

so yeah, TUIs are Bad and I DON'T Like Them

shall we go over why TUIs suck once more?
everything takes up one text cell so you can position things nicely and separators that should just be a few pixels wide take up unncessery space, they almost all use custom super messed up keyboard controls because how dare you want to use a mouse, they rely on terminal escape codes which if you think are portable and nice then you haven't used enough terminals, they don't integrate with the rest of the CLI

@0 might be because you are using the wrong GUIs
have you tried Acme and other Plan 9 software?

@grainloom I was kinda joking, but GUIs, especially those that use the mouse heavily, require way more hand-eye coordination than keyboard controls. Plus, unlike things running in a terminal, it's hard to get GUIs to present a uniform look. Themes help but there's always gonna be the one app that throws off the consistency of things. More subjectively I also think that most GUIs can't handle negative space well.

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