*interrogating my partner*

ok so i'm going to check the box for "worm" then. next, would you still love me if i were a gross little possum? mmhmm. okay. how about if i was like a weird bug with like too many legs. mmhmm. what if it was a big bug? okay. now i'm going to show you a series of inkblots and i need you to tell me if you would still love me if i were the creature you see in the image

I just submitted Butter to the Chrome Web Store. This is an extension that removes unnecessary UTM codes from a URL and replaces them with the word "butts".

If anyone is interested in testing the Chrome Extension, drop me a DM and I'll send you the file and instructions.

It's time to delete all my images to save storage. RIP in peace

I have improved my machinery. That was not satisfying.

— Urvad Shorastdur, Mechanic

Kogsak Waningcanyon the Wise Phrases of Patterning is really dead. I am not feeling sad right now.

— Gica Neleÿeinefa Irìciveca Nidela, Elf Swordmaster



Whereas you live in a society, I... bottom text.

wtf no one told me there was a zachtronics graphic novel with none of the pesky puzzle stuff


I ate in a dining room. This could be bliss.

— Adil Anilmonom, sheriff



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